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Discover why is Quickly Becoming The Most Trusted Source,
for ALL Your Outsourcing Needs!

“Who Else Wants to Get More Work Done in Less
, With Their Very Own TEAM of VIRTUAL

“Give Me 60 Seconds, and I Will Show You How To Quickly and Easily FREE up More of Your Precious Time,
By Putting Knowledgeable & Trustworthy Individuals to Immediately Work For Your Websites!

Whether You’re looking for Customer Service Agents, Niche WordPress sites,
Complete Info product development including setting up your sales funnel,
high quality graphics that convert, custom video creation, Doing Professional keyword research
and Virtually Any Task related to internet marketing,
That You Wish to Outsource Onceand For All…

Hey there!

I’ve got an incredible offer I’d love you to take a look at…

See, this VA service you’re about to hear about is nothing like any other VA service being currently offered…

Just look what Anik said recently about our team

“I wasn’t sure if I should hire Venkat and his team – and I didn’t really know what to expect. But after working with them for 4 years … – I was blown away with the results. They helped me save money, but more importantly … they helped me make money much faster than I expected.

I highly recommend them – especially if you are struggling to achieve online success. These guys make things happen and you won’t regret it!”

Anik Singal,

If you are like Anik, you’re probably looking for a virtual TEAM to help you with your critical time consuming tasks that you just do not have time to do on a daily basis…

Why OUR Virtual Assistant Service Is DIFFERENT
From ANY Other VA Service Currently Available…

heres way

When you hire a Virtual Assistant from us…

You’re not just getting ONE VA… you’re getting MANY VA’s that are each specialized in a SPECIFIC task.

here an exmp
here an exmp 2

(usually if you had just ONE VA… they would end up doing a mediocre job, because they wouldn’t be as specialized as 3 seperate VA’s that do what they do as a job full-time and that is the reason We are called the DREAM TEAM)

here what u get
here what u get 2

There Are NO Contracts! No Commitments…

You pay monthly and YOU decide when you want to end our service.

Simple as that!

What Our VA Services Will Do For You:

Outsourcing is one of the MOST IMPORTANT if not the single most important principle in building and maintaining an online business…

Simply because you pay someone else a small amount to do things that you can’t do as well!

What do you value your time at? $100… $50… even $20?

Surely it’s worth a lot more than what you would pay for the dream TEAM.

How much time do you spend managing your emails? writing articles? Creating websites? doing SEO? data entry?

Why not outsource it to someone who is SPECIALIZED in a specific area… (and can be individually trained to do specific types of work!)

By hiring our team of highly specialized VA TEAM you will be able to focus YOUR own time on more important things…

And let’s face it… your time is worth A LOT more than what you would pay for a VA Team!

It’s a Beautiful Thing, and a Great Feeling When
You’re Able to Take Time Off, While Your Business
Tasks Are Taken Care of For You!

Imagine being away on vacation, and all your customers’ requests are being taken care of, your marketing campaigns are running smoothly, and your business is continuing to grow as you continue to enjoy your vacation. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

Think about it this way, when’s the last time Bill Gates personally answered your request for that Windows bug that continually annoys you? It’s a well known fact that Microsoft, and ALL big companies have customer service centers in place to answer customer support requests, why should your online business be any different?

For the past 6 months, I’ve been quietly setting up a worldwide headquarters in order to provide outsourcing solutions to online business owners who want to free up more of their time, and increase their productivity, in order for their business to reach its maximum growing potential. Without becoming a full time employee to their company.

You may be thinking, “How can I ensure that the person I am hiring is doing good work, without having to constantly look over their shoulder or hold their hand”? This is an excellent question, and that is why I’ve hired several full time managers who will work with you to fully train your assistant, and if necessary, they will personally do your work, until you are completely satisfied with the performance.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I know how crucial it is to have and maintain a high level of service and customer support, and I wouldn’t want anyone that isn’t trustworthy working on my site, and I wouldn’t hire non-capable individuals to work on yours! That’s my promise, and guarantee.

again here what u get

Your VA package will include a TEAM of numerous specialized workers including:


And the best part is TEAM can also be taught and trained…

Say you have just read of a NEW and exciting SEO methodin an eBook…

Simply give us the eBook, or step by step instructions on how to do the task and our employees will learn and then get to work!

And they can also be trained to do ANYTHING you need done virtually!

assistant help

Handle Your Customer Support by Answering Your Email


Communicate Professionally With Your Customers


Communicate Professionally With Yourself


Quality Assurance by Reporting any issues


Keyword Research for Your Niche Markets


Build Your Websites according to your needs. Hint: You can build Ad-Sense / amazon/ CPA and literally any revenue driven websites full time, without doing the painful work.


Analyze and Report Your Marketing Campaigns


Tech Support For Web Hosting Companies


Plus, We Can Handle Virtually Any Task You Need Outsourced for You!

good news

The good news is that since we are re launching our service, you will be among the first 10 clients that will increase their business productivity, free up more of their time, and be lucky enough to have more time to work on boosting and growing your business to its maximum potential.

The bad news is that I can only take on 10 clients at a time in order to ensure the quality of service is maintained at a premium, this will ensure that the service that is performed on your website, and your business, will be and always will be Top Notch!

Therefore, if you’re interested in getting more accomplished in less time, by outsourcing your internet marketing efforts, and any other time consuming tasks you may currently have, then I urge you to take 2 minutes to answer the following questions so that I can fully understand how to help you best!

Each and every associate working in your Dream TEAM is hand picked based on your needs and wants, and pre-qualified with a Computer Science degree, and unlike other companies, an entire TEAM is dedicated to your success. This ensures high level of service for you.


If you’re one of the FIRST five orders… we will add an EXTRA 20 HOURS WORK to whatever package you order… ABSOLUTELY FREE…
Remember this is for the FIRST FIVE ORDERS ONLY!

what u should right now
what u should right now 2
email me

Thanks for listening,


P.S. There are NO hidden set-up fee’s or finders fees… and no contracts or commitment, you can leave after the first month!

Get a Quote NOW Before the Low, Introductory Price Gets Raised!

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