How To Start A Successful Blog

Hello bloggers and future bloggers. In this post, I’m going to be talking about the 5 steps to blogging success. You might be wondering, “Venkata, what are those 5 steps?” Well don’t worry, I’m going to reveal them to you right now. These steps are the proven, tried and true steps that successful marketers are using to make multiple (and large) income streams each month. So, without further ado…

Step 1: The first step is a very important one. I want you to choose the best possible “money niche” that you can. This is a niche that works for you (something you’re passionate about) and something that is going to make money for you and allow you to build a business.

Step 2: Step 2 is where you’ll set up your content hub and get it done quickly. Of course, this means setting up your blog and getting it populated with content. I’m going to show you how you can do it quickly and easily.

Step 3: With step 3, you’re going to market your blog like crazy. When you have your blog up and full of content, you want to get people to the blog and that means marketing it a lot.

Step 4: With step 4, the money-making starts. There are lots of strategies for making money and we’re going to go over those methods and strategies for doing that.

Step 5: Finally, with step 5, you’re going to use some advanced strategies for maximizing your success and building your blogging business.

So, let’s go ahead and start talking about step 1. How do you come up with the best possible money niche and ensure that it’s going to make money and be fun. There are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you select the best possible money niche.

  • How much competition is there? This is an important question because if your niche is extremely competitive, it’s going to be harder for you to get into that niche and do anything significant.
  • Do people in this niche have a big enough problem that you can solve? If there’s a significant problem that you can solve, you’ll find success.
  • Is this a problem that they will look to the internet for answers? However, if the problem they have isn’t something they’re going to search online for, you’re not going to have much of a presence.
  • Do they have to spend money on that particular solution? If the solution is a fantastic one, then people will be willing to spend money in order to have that solution. Remember that you want to build a business that people are going to be willing to spend money on.
  • Are you passionate about that niche? If you choose a niche that you’re passionate about, you’re going to have more success because you’re going to believe in what you’re doing. This business can be hard to put a lot of energy into unless you have passion for what you’re doing.

Let me talk to you for a few moments about how I chose my own specific niche and made a success of it. First, you’ll want to take a sheet of paper and just write down the things you’re interested in; things that you really love learning about, things you’re an authority on or things that you’re just really passionate about. A few things for myself might include spirituality, yoga, weight loss, internet marketing, street food (I love that!). I could see myself starting a blog about each of these things and really enjoying it.

When I took the time to look at the things I was interested in, I decided to do more research on internet marketing and see whether this is something that I could start a blog about and make money with. So, I utilized the market samurai keyword research tool and I recommend that you do this as well. You can research the different niches that you’re interested in. I data searched for different things that were related to internet marketing and I found 4 different keywords that were related to internet marketing.

Keyword Competing Pages
blog for money 768,000
blogging for money 1,300,000
earn money blogging 1,940,000
how to make money blogging 3,520,000

Do any of these particular keywords stand out to you? For me, the “blog for money” one immediately stood out. There are significantly less competitive sites and it’s still about blogging, it’s still about what I want to discuss. If you search for “blog for money” on Google, you’ll see just over 750,000 results. What this tells me is that it will be easier to rank highly in Google for this specific term than the other terms based on competition.

Now, the second aspect of research involves searching the specific term I’m interested in. When I searched “blog for money,” the first results is “blog for money” from those four sites I mentioned previously, owned by Zac Johnson, ProBlogger, etc.

Now that you’ve brainstormed and you have one niche that you really want to get into, you want to think about several different variations of that specific term and do some more research on market samurai with quotation marks and then compare each term just like I did. What you’ll see is that some of the terms have less competition. You’re going to want to go a little further into the research and enter the keyword you want into the samurai keyword tool. You’ll be able to see how low the competition is as well as the number of global monthly searches performed on that keyword.

You’ll also be able to see the cost per click, which for “blog for money” is $1.79.


About 45% of the people who utilize Google to search for a term will click on the first link they see. If you’re the first listing for your specific keyword, 45% of people who search for that term are going to visit your site. So, if 165,000 searches are done each month, 74,250 of those people will be visiting your website. From this data alone, I can expect nearly 75,000 visitors from Google and if the cost per click is about $1.79, if I’m monetizing my site well, the one keyword is $132,907.50.

There is obviously some value in what I’m attempting to do here. The keyword has value if I’m able to rank #1. Because there isn’t much competition, if I populate my site properly with keywords and content, I shouldn’t have problems ranking #1.

So, this is how I’m able to research and find my money niche and how I’m able to make money with blogs, and how you will be able to do it as well. This is the specific niche you will build your business around. Let’s move on to step #2.

This is where you’ll be setting up your content hub quickly, because you want to get that site populated as quickly as possible. It won’t take a lot of time, and we’ve put together 10 free videos called the “become a blogger” videos to help you get your blog up and running. You can sign up to receive those videos (you’ll see a link right below this video) and you’ll want to get those as quickly as possible. Those videos cover everything from why you should use WordPress to getting your domain name and hosting as well as installing WordPress – we’ve got you completely covered.

Now it’s time for you to create high quality, excellent content for your blog. Now that you’ve created your blog, you’re going to need content. Start by creating 10 pillar content articles. A pillar content article is simply a foundation article for your blog topic. It might be something generic like definitions, simple informational articles such as “what is internet marketing,” or something else that is generic. Think of it as a foundation to build the rest of your content from.

Once you have your pillar articles, you’ll be able to create regular content that is more in-depth and catchy, such as “top 10 tips to get a steady flow of traffic to your website,” and you can throw in information about your life and things to make your blog more personal. There are some great examples of how bloggers do this, and how it helps them to build truly successful and profitable blogs. Here’s a great definition article where the blogger defines the topic of his blog.


Now, here you can see the #1 and #2 tips and there are 10 of these tips. It makes the information super easy to consume so that people can easily scan the blog post without becoming bored or overwhelmed with the information. You might also talk about the background of your company, how you got started in the business, information surrounding your business, etc. This allows individuals to really get to know you and it builds your credibility and personality.

Now it’s time to move on to step #3.

This step is the marketing step, where you’ll really market your blog like crazy. You’re putting content up there and now you need to get people to your blog. There are a number of different ways in which you can do this. For instance, you can comment on other individuals’ blogs, you can get into forum marketing, create regular guests posts within your niche, interview the top experts in your niche and more. These are all examples of great ways to market your blog and really drive traffic. Let’s look at those things a little more in-depth.

Commenting on blogs – here’s how I was able to do this and drive traffic to my own blog. I went to Google and I searched the keywords “internet marketing blogs” and you can see a number of sites will show up. I saw a blog about the topic “how to blog.” Then I took the time to consider the following thing:

  • Is this relevant to what I’m doing?

And yes, it is relevant. So, I would leave a comment there letting them know they did a great job. I might tell them I’m familiar with some of their resources, or any kind of comment that simply adds to their posts. There are a few different benefits to this. Mainly, when you leave a comment on someone’s blog, it creates a backlink to your blog. This helps you rank well in google and can drive visitors of that blog to your blog if they feel your comment is valuable and helpful.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about forum marketing. Forum marketing is something I’ve always done, and you can do it too. You might see a forum where someone is asking a question about your niche; something that you can answer with confident. I personally looked for internet marketing related forums and questions and I went right in and started answering questions with my own personal experience and knowledge. People read my comments and they see that I know what I’m talking about and they click on my link and come on over to my own blog.

Guest posting can work as well. While it may not be perfect for my niche, it can work with many other niches. You could post about anything to do with your niche, and not only does it increase your brand within the community but there are backlinks to your blog there as well. When Google sees these websites linking back to your blog, Google will start to consider you an authority in the niche, which will increase your search engine rankings.

Interviews are also great and networking with other bloggers in your niche can really help you out. It allows you to set yourself up as an expert and allows you to sort of piggyback on what others are doing on their blogs. When you interview experts, they’re going to share that content as well, so it’s like double marketing! It drives more traffic to your blog and helps build your credibility.

Soon I’ll be interviewing people from ProBlogger like Zac Johnson, and you’ll get the benefit of their helpful suggestions. It can really help with networking as well as driving traffic. Now, I’m going to give you a challenge, and it’s not a huge goal but it’s a great goal for you to start with. I want you to use this information I’ve given you to get your first 100 readers. You can build from there!

Now let’s talk about step #4, which is how you start making money with your blog. There are 2 very simple methods for making money that I want to talk to you about. The first method is through advertising. Adsense is a very popular way that bloggers advertise on their blogs and make money. You can also utilize buysellads, which allows you to display ads on your blogs and make money. You can also make money from affiliate marketing, which is a process in which you market others’ products and get paid for it. Clickbank and other affiliate programs are very popular for affiliate marketers to make money.

Here’s a great example about how we will help you with this. If you’ll check out a website of one of my customers, you’ll see that hteir ads are right on the top and really add to the value of the website. When someone clicks on the ads, or these links, they make a small amount of money. It doesn’t sound like much, since it’s just a few cents, but as you get more and more traffic and more people click on those ads, the more money you will make from them. I have these ads on our customers’ niche sites.

This is just the money for having the site and the ads there, and I’m not really doing anything so this is considered a “passive income.” It’s just money that’s being made without me necessarily having to do anything for it. It’s working very well for my customers.

Another thing you can do to make money is affiliate marketing. So many of my customers ask me how to find affiliate offers. Well, it’s easy actually. You can join places like Clickbank or other websites that allow affiliates like Amazon or Amazon is great because you can search for items that would be related to your niche, and then utilize those products to make a great income. I, personally, would search for products related to internet marketing and then I would message my list of subscribers and talk about a particular product that would be helpful for them. When people on my list purchase it, I make money.

Speaking of Lists:

Your email list or subscriber list will be your biggest asset when it comes to business. It’s the way you’re able to nurture relationships, get your content out there, bring people back to your website and communicate with those who are interested in your niche. It will be your greatest money-making tool. In order to collect addresses and communicate with your list, you’re going to need an autoresponder service. The one I recommend is GetResponse and you can find out more about it at This is an affiliate link. This is one of the best services I know and I’d really like you to check out the features and services provided.

It really allows you to nurture those relationships with your subscribers and to provide them with quality content. This is important because people are much more likely to buy from individuals that they’re familiar with and that they like and trust. As you send out content regularly, you’re building those valuable relationships so that you become someone your subscribers trust. Our list at Warrior Outsourcing is currently around 20,000 strong, and based on the statistics I’ve seen, each individual is worth about a dollar a month. So, as I continue building this business and have more products to sell, my list alone will potentially bring in about $20,000 per month. Of course, I’ll be updating you on my progress so you can see exactly how it works.

Let’s move on to step #5, which is all about maximizing your success and making sure you’re getting lots of traffic and exposure. There are a few different ways to do this. Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Twitter marketing, podcasts, optimizing your blogs, etc. There are many, many different ways of doing this. You don’t want to start out trying to do it all at once because it can become overwhelming, so you might want to start with one and really build your credibility that way for a while.

When you want to start making even more income, you will want to create your own products. By this time, you’ve built a significant following and credibility, and people are much more likely to purchase YOUR products. From that point, you can build your own team of affiliates so you have super-charged your marketing and take your business to the next level.

Typically, our clients don’t touch their blogs for months because we handle everything; we build it up for them and get the ball rolling in the right direction, which is toward a very lucrative business. We have some of the best marketers and professionals working for them from our offices and we put their processes in place and organically build their blogs to be lucrative and successful. As you continue to build your business and blogs, you will repeat these steps, creating your own online empire,

From the beginning ot the end, we make sure the entire marketing funnel is in place so that our customers are set up to be highly successful. Our clients who have information products set up by us report back that they make anywhere from $400 to $800 per month, per blog. This is a great additional stream of income, and if you have 10 blogs, you can X that number to get $4,000 to $8,000.

The work we put into our clients blogs is solely based around these strategies that are tried and true – and they couldn’t be happier with their results.

So, to summarize, you’re going to:

  1. Set up your blog using our free training videos. If you haven’t done this yet, you’re going to want to get over there and utilize those videos right now.
  2. You’ll create your first 10 pieces of content; remember, your foundation content that you can build from.
  3. Get your first 100 readers in your first month!

This is the perfect foundation to really get your business moving! I hope you were able to gain a lot of value from this video and not only that, but I hope you’re going to take this information and do what it takes to build a lucrative, highly successful business. You can learn all you want but if you don’t take action with the information you’ve gathered, you won’t be moving forward.

Go on over now and get your 10 free videos; that is the first step to your massively successful online empire and they’re FREE. They will show you exactly how to create your own blog and set it up if you haven’t done so already. Get started today and get one step closer to your goal of passive and massive income.

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