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“Great videos are the key to #1 rankings in Youtube”

Stand Out From the Crowd With Your Own Attention Grabbing, Order Producing, Custom Tailored Videos and gain an unfair advantage over your competition

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High-quality, professional corporate videos that will convert your visitors into paid buyers over and over again.


Extremely fast turnaround so you don’t have to wait endless months to complete your videos!


Eye-catching graphics that convey all the points of your service or product in such a way that customers will be compelled to take action.


Professional voice-overs done by professional artists that will make your videos stand out!


Outstanding and beautiful formatting to generate the professionalism that will translate into sales!


We’ll compile your current sales letter and turn it into an effective, conversion-increasing script that will generate sales.


Unlimited revisions?Get unlimited revisions until you’re completely satisfied

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If you want to get started, all you have to do is contact me:


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Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a very simple question…

Are you using video in your marketing campaigns or websites?

If not, then you’re leaving massive amounts of profits on the table.

As you probably know, nowadays smart marketers and business owners are exploiting the power of videos, and consequently, profiting from this extremely lucrative way of getting a better response from their customers.

We can surely and confidently say that videos are in fact, the future.

But as with everything in life, there’s a catch: creating videos can be time-consuming, and sometimes really difficult for technically-challenged persons.

I certainly know that you don’t have enough time to sit there and learn how to use complicated video-editing software?there are other areas of your business you need to take care of.

“If you want to increase your profits and save time, you need to outsource to professionals that will deliver high-quality videos proven to convert”

increase your profits

The big name marketers hardly lift a finger. They outsource every single process in their business, so they can focus on really important tasks that are worth their time.

Believe it or not, most people think that they can do everything by themselves.

This is not only counterproductive, but it will consume most of your time and as we all know, time is much more than money.

If you’re one of those that try to do everything by themselves, then you need to change your marketing approach and leverage other people’s time in order to save YOURS while making more money and expanding your business.

You already know the power of getting professional help?that’s the reason we’re here today: our skills and commitment to creating profit-producing videos for you will tremendously help you in your business.

“Exploit the power of videos and expand your business in a way you never imagined…and let us help you accomplish just that…”

My name is Venkata Ramana and I’m the CEO and owner of Warrior Outsourcing.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of customers to generate over $150 million in gross revenue, and this is not hype?these are actual numbers.

We’ve worked closely with many of the BIG names in the Internet Marketing industry and the results we’ve gotten for them speak for themselves.

But please, don’t take my word for it…

Have a look at the glowing and enthusiastic feedback we’ve received for our work:

customer commets
bob proctor

I Highly recommend venkata’s Video Services to anyone wanting high quality videos.

Bob Proctor,
from the Movie “The Secret”

ewen chia

Hi Venkata,

Thanks for the video you did for me, I love it! Appreciate your attention and support to the project and I highly recommend your services to anyone wanting a high quality video to sell their products and services.

Ewen Chia,

joe vitale

“I’m so impressed with these videos that I’m going to have them done on every website I have!”

Dr. Joe Vitale,
Internet marketing guru, author,
“Attract Money Now” and more

As you can see, big names in the industry are recommending our premium corporate video creation service, and there’s a good reason for that: We’re simply one of the best services on the Internet.

Of course there’s a lot of custom video-creation forums and hundreds of websites, but unfortunately most of them offer low-quality videos made by hand and terrible customer support.

Oftentimes they miss deadlines and some of them don’t even offer revisions (or if they do, they try to charge you more per revision.)

“Our premium and exclusive Corporate Video Creation service will delight you with endless benefits!”

endless benefits
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With our outstanding service you…


Won’t have to spend countless hours creating videos or trying to learn how to use video-editing software;


Notice how your conversion rate will dramatically skyrocket giving the impression that your business is up-to-date with the latest video trends that are transforming the internet;


Will save time for your customers as people react better to video than plain text or sales letters;


Will see an increase in your current business because your message will be conveyed in a much better way than otherwise;


Will experience the difference of having custom corporate videos in your website;


Get professional videos done by an experienced team that already generated over $150 million for their clients;


Get the ease of mind that someone is already doing the hard work for you;


Get your projects done on time, every time?For us, delivering the goods on time is a sign of professionalism and commitment to our clients.

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much more

Checkout our amazing examples (these can be
videos for YOUR business!)

video thumb

As you can see, our custom videos are premium; this means the quality you can expect is simply top-notch?the kind of quality that will provoke a positive response in potential customers… A response that can be translated into sales.

Let’s be honest for a moment…

There are millions of reasons why you should include video on your landing pages, sales pages, websites or existing campaigns…

And probably it would take us hours to breakdown all the benefits it can bring to your business, but by now you probably have gotten the point and realized you need video in order to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Our premium Corporate Video Creation service is for…

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Website owners;

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All types of affiliates;

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Product creators;

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Video marketers;

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Internet marketers;

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Companies and corporations;

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Local businesses;

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Anyone that wants premium and high-quality videos.

We’re currently serving over 300 happy and satisfied customers (some of them are BIG names in the Internet Marketing industry). All of them use our service to obtain sizzling-hot videos to pump up their sales.

Just imagine that one single video in your current website can double, triple or even quadruple your income…

This is no joke! It’s known that video can automatically skyrocket your sales due to its nature.

And this is precisely what you can get TODAY: Custom corporate videos tailored to your needs.

…Videos that will position you as an expert and create a great impression on your potential customers.

Remember that you don’t get a second chance to create a GOOD impression and our service will help you to get it right the very first time…

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Dramatically increasing your sales;


Skyrocketing your product’s perceived value;


Creating a professional “atmosphere” on your website;


Helping to properly convey your commercial messages;


Turning your products or services into a complete and utter success.

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If you want to get started all you have to do is contact me:


1st skype


2nd email

The truth is that you can see a lot of video creation services in forums or websites, but you would be amazed at the poor quality service they offer.

Usually, they never deliver in time and always come up with excuses that delay your projects even more.

The videos you can get from them are mediocre at best, and you obviously don’t want this. You want quality for your business.

Quality equals profits and customer satisfaction?the two core principles of any business.

You are looking at a premium service that will allow you to experience immense profits and customer satisfaction.

Get an increase in your conversion rates of 400% today!

increase conversion

Although we don’t promise numbers (no honest person can promise this) we are sure we’ll be able to increase your conversion rates thanks to our quality videos.

Many of our customers e-mailed us thanking us because once they uploaded our videos they instantly saw a massive increase in their conversion rate (on occasions up to 400%!).

Some of these customers were even gurus in the Internet Marketing industry. We’re not saying this just to brag, but to make you understand that we’re a premium video creation company that delivers high-octane videos that can transform your business. It’s time to jump on the new band-wagon of having profit-producing videos that work for you…

Our Personal Guarantee…

personal guarantee

We’re more than proud of our track record and the quality of the material we produce for our clients.

We’ve been in the outsourcing business a very long time and understand perfectly your needs:more profits and more customers.

Our personal guarantee is that we’ll create high-quality videos with eye-catching graphics and a professional voice-over created by artists with years of experience behind them.

Plus, our copywriter will adapt and mold your current sales message to perfectly match the timing in the video?in this way you get all the elements harmonized…to generate results for your business.

And the best thing is we also offer an outstanding and friendly customer support that will be there for you any time.

Unlike other services out there, we won’t leave you alone in the dark. We’ll constantly communicate and update you because we know that communication is vital to getting the desired output.

You only have to sit back and relax…


And we’ll take care of the rest.

So, how does our service work?

It’s very simple. We typically offer a three-step process to save you timeand speed up the whole process.

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You have to contact me through Skype: venkata_7 or if you prefer,
by e-mail:


We’ll discuss your project and if we reach an agreement, we immediately start the project. We will update you regularly so you always know how the project’s going.


We deliver your videos in a timely manner, and in the unlikely case you want to change something, we offer unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied with that final outcome.

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What are you waiting for?

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Contact me TODAY!

1st skype


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We typically work with a lot of clients and that’s why our schedule fills really fast.

In order to save time, you should contact me today so we can start working on your new videos. This will skyrocket your conversion rate in a way you’d never imagine.

If you don’t want to wait weeks, then this is the perfect time: contact me now and let’s get started with your new project.

Whether you’re an individual Internet Marketer or even if you belong to a huge corporation, we’ll create beautiful, interest-catching videos that are guaranteed to improve your current business.

More than 300 clients can’t be wrong!

Get a Quote NOW Before the Low, Introductory Price Gets Raised!

Thanks for taking your time in reading this letter.



P.S. You deserve to experience success and we’re here to help you out. Hundreds of clients are now increasing their sales and expanding their business?you can do that too if you contact us NOW.

P.S.S. Our service is PREMIUM, but our prices AFFORDABLE. Getting professional videos won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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