[Done-for-You-Service] Custom tailored membership site rakes in truck loads of passive income on complete autopilot

Start your own WordPress Membership Site Created from Scratch by our Professional team of experts without having to deal with all the technical issues that had put you off for years

If you are like our existing customers you probably have been wanting to create your own membership site, but have put it off for years because you did not know where to start. Or you probably heard it is hard, and technology and you are not the best of friends.

I can understand your frustration with technology and all the things that are available out there. If you are not technological minded you would not even know where to start.

Most of our existing customers postponed starting their own membership site for years. They didn’t even want to get closer to them, because they knew they had to deal with plugins, and all sort of technical problems that they did not understand nor had the time to start learning.

Life was too busy to spend hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to start a membership site. They was too scared were going to mess it up.

But they knew for certain that membership sites were valuable and that they had lots of benefits when wanting to increase their authority in their niche, and obviously when also trying to increase they income.

But one day My Clients just had to take the bulls by the horn and get into membership sites. They was losing many opportunities for extra income.

I am sure you already know the benefits of having a membership site, but just to refresh here are some of the benefits and some things you are losing on:

  • Recurring income: You find the customer once and you bill every month until the customer decides to unsubscribe or until your membership ends (if you have a fixed period membership site)
  • Building a closer relationship with your customers. When you have members in your membership site you have more interaction with them. You can ask questions and run surveys to learn more about your market and how to serve them.
  • Membership sites can help you increase traffic to your site. First you need to market your membership site and that will increase traffic. Secondly if you have a free membership site, besides the premium one, you will attract lots more people which in turns will increase traffic to your site, and increase search engine rankings.
  • You will be seen as an authority in your niche. People will learn to trust you and go to your when they want expert answers.
  • You can reward your client loyalty. By being members you can offer them special offers, discounts and access to things that non members do not have.
  • You can also promote your other products or affiliate products to your members.
  • Provided you are always offering value, your members will stick with you, and you will have along relationship with them.

These are some of the benefits of having a membership site. Probably you are thinking that all those benefits do not compensate for the hassle of having to learn al the technicalities of a membership site. In other words benefits are great but it is still to hard to create a membership site.

But for my clients the losses were so big that they finally decided to outsource the complete membership site set up process to us since we have mastered the art already and I am glad to say, that my customers are not scared any longer of membership sites.

We at warriorOutsourcing.com will help you out. And no, do not worry we do not intend to teach you everything I know about membership sites. That could be frustrating if you are not a technical person.

Instead we will setup a complete membership site for you and you will not need to write a single line of code. All you need to do is provide the content.

Yes! You will be able to have a complete and functional membership site without having to worry about any technical issues. That is all left our my hands.

And I am not just going to use any free product to create your membership site that might work today and then you are left all alone.

I will be using the Wishlist Member plugin. More than 40000 membership sites have been created with this plugin.

And of course this plugin will be accompanied by other powerful software and plugins that will make your website easy to manage.

So if you accept my offer to get you a membership site… this is what you will get:

  • A wordpress site professionally installed with a collection of free plugins to optimise the functioning of your website. – Worth $297
  • A wishlist member plugin license for individual site – Worth $97
  • Configuration of the Membership site – Worth $1197
  • Your choice of premium theme between OptimizePress, WooThemes & More – Worth $97
  • Backupbuddy plugin installed and activated – Worth $75
  • A professional made header to match your theme and your niche. – Worth $75
  • We will integrate your membership site with your payment processor and autorespodner- Worth $197

Total Real Value = $1935

There are many types of solutions for membership sites, but when you use our services you can rest assured that you will be getting a solid package that has been used by thousands of membership sites around the world.

Our professional installation and customization package will be ready within a week from you ordering. The process is simple but you will also be involved in the process. Yes you will not need to know any technicality but we will be able to choose between different configurations. The membership site is yours and you have the control of it.

After we have finalised the membership site for you, you will have the opportunity to review it, and once you are completely happy with it, we will be able to transfer the site to your hosting account.

Once Our work Has finished Your Work Will Start.

Once we deliver you the membership site it would be your turn to start creating content.

You will now have an excellent membership site from the technical point of view, but that means nothing without excellent content. Your clients will be attracted to the great content, and that is what makes or breaks a membership site and what will give you an expert status. So if you are not prepared to create excellent content, you should contact us for your content requirements and we will gladly assistant you.

Once you have your content you will be ready to start promoting it and getting thousands of subscribers.

Special Bonus – Be Part of Our Membership Club

Just by ordering a customized membership site you will be part of our membership club. In this club you will get extra benefits, like support, additional training, and discounts for premium themes and plugins, and more things that will be added in the future.

This offer is limited, so if you want to get it you will need to hurry up. This is not a gimmick but true. We are humans and we can only take so much work on.

Get our customized membership site today

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