Get Your own Custom Tailored Info Product Made from Scratch

Whether you have done affiliate marketing for years and are frustrated for the lack of results, or whether you want to start a business online then product creation may be the solution for you.

If you have been doing Affiliate marketing for years without success, then it is time to start doing things differently. If you continue doing the same thing you will get the same results.

If you have struggled for years, trying to earn commissions by referring other people products then I want to let you know that there are other ways of reaching your financial goals.

Have you considered creating your own informational product? This is one of the fastest ways of achieving financial independence.

Let’s look at the difference between being an affiliate marketer and creating an information product and see if this resonates with you.

When you are an affiliate marketer:

  • You are actually working for the owner of the product you are promoting.
  • You are building his list.
  • You are at his mercy, you need to accept when he is launching the product, how much commission he will pay you and when and if the product will be taken off the market.
  • You earn commission from your efforts alone. I mean you can do many websites that promote that product, but it is only you, promoting it. You are not using the power of leverage.

When you are a product creator:

  • You create the product once and benefit forever.
  • When it comes to promotion you can engage other people to promote your website. You will need to pay them commission but you can determine how much commission. This is called leverage; you are leveraging your efforts by using the traffic of other affiliates.
  • You can engage as many affiliates as you can, so you can have hundreds of people promoting your product.
  • You personally can still promote the product, in which case you will keep 100% of the sale price.
  • This is your own product and you can sell it for as long as you want. You have done the job once and you get an income forever.

Does this make sense? I am glad it does.

You are probably thinking you do not know how to create a product let alone building a sales funnel. No worries, that is where we come. You do not need to do everything yourself to have a business going. A clever businessman surrounds himself with people that do things better than them. Lets face it we all have 24 hours a day, and there is no way that we can do everything ourselves. Let alone know everything there is to know. So f you want to be a successful business person you need to start to delegate to others what they can do better for you.

In simple words, we can create your own product and funnel without you needing to know anything about product creation. We can do this in any niche.

So what does the process of product creation involve and how we can help you

  • Initial Questionnaire: When you order our services, you will need to answer a questionnaire, in which you will inform us of the niche you are targeting, the type of product that you would like to create, the name you would like to sell the product under (it can be your real name or a pen name). By answering these questions it will give us all the information we would need to start working in your project.
  • Selecting the product name: The product name and brand are an important part of the product creation process. You would not name your children whatever name that comes to mind. So the same applies to your product. It needs to be an attractive name, and it needs to tell something of what the product will do for the customer. Based on your answers to our questions we will select several product names form which you can choose the one you like best. Your domain will then be based on the product name.
  • Communication between us: It is imperative that we communicate during the project. We would like to keep you informed of how things are going, and you will need to approve every stage we work on. If you have any question you can contact us, and we will respond as soon as possible. (within 24 to 48 hours)
  • Creation of Product: Now that we have your answers to our questions, and we also know what you want, we will create an outline of the product. This is a table of contents which we will send you for you to approve. Since this will be your product, we want you to be happy with it, so if you want changes please communicate with us. Once the outline has been approved by you, we will start writing the content, which you will also need to approve.
  • The marketing material: Now that the content has been finalised, we will need to create the marketing funnel (if you have selected that option). This involves the offer to your product, the auto responder series for the promotion of the product. We will also create the content for the automatic webinar.
  • Video creation: The next step is the creation of the video. We use a video production team and we have many voice over talents to choose from (male and female). We will work until we have the perfect video with the perfect voice for you.
  • Sales Funnel Setup: Once we have all the content and videos we need to setup the funnel in your site and the auto responders in your auto responder account. We will need some information to be able to access this and set it up. Since our communications channel will be open, we will assist you in this process.
  • Clickbank account approval: If you do not have an account in Clickbank yet as vendor, we will help you set up one. This process is not as simple as it used to be, but you do not need to worry as we will work on your product and your sales funnel until you get approved by Clickbank.
  • Our Guarantee: Once the project has been finalised we will not leave you alone. We work with you until your funnel works, we suggest that you use a tracking tool to test your sales funnel. If he conversion rate is mot good enough we will assist you to improve it.
  • Driving Traffic: Once we have done all the work and you have your product and sales funnel, all you need to do is spend a couple of hours a day to send some targeted traffic to your sales funnel. This is your responsibility. Our clients that have done this, have generated great income with the product we created. So if you send traffic, then you will soon start generating sales quickly.

As you can see the process of creating a product using our services is easy. All you need to do is tell us what you want, have a niche and drive some traffic once the product is finalised. Now you have a product that belongs to you, and you can market forever. Since your product is in Clickbank you will get other affiliates to promote it for you. You will be leveraging your efforts pretty soon.

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