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“In Only 1 ½ Minutes I’m Going to Show You Exactly How to Get Up to 400% MORE Conversions Instantly Through the Use of Corporate Videos – GUARANTEED!”




Dear Friend,

As you sit here and read this, how many people are going to your website and then clicking that little ‘x’ in the top right-hand side of the page without buying anything? Probably a lot if you’ve done your job getting the traffic to the website.

Did you know that through the use of corporate videos, you can almost guarantee that you’ll increase your conversion rate? That’s right. Why? It’s simple…people are lazy. They’d much rather watch a video that’s interesting and details everything they need to know than read a page of text.

People are accustomed to convenience, and watching a video is more convenient than reading. It’s that simple. Not only that, but some people obtain information better when it’s relayed through video rather than reading.

If your website doesn’t contain high quality, excellent videos on your website, you could be LOSING MONEY!

Now, before you think you can just slap any old video up on your website, you need to understand that the video needs to fulfill the same purpose as a sales letter. It needs to be formulated in a specific way to be compelling so that those who watch it want to buy your products or services. Let me introduce you to your solution.

Warrior Outsourcing will Craft the Highest Quality Videos for
Your Website – Complete with Voice and Top-Notch Graphics…at an AFFORDABLE PRICE!

If you’re getting great traffic and you know you should be making MORE MONEY, it can leave you feeling very frustrated. This happens to a lot of marketers, and you are left to wonder what’s wrong with your sales letter or your product.

Chances are, there’s nothing wrong with either of those things. If you’ve done everything you can do to drive traffic and you’re getting great numbers hitting your website every day, then you NEED to see the difference corporate videos can make on your site.

What Our High Quality Videos Include:

04 High Quality Graphics to Illustrate Your Point
Professional Voice Overs
Top-Notch Formatting
An Excellent Script “Compiled” by our in-house writers, Based on your existing sales letter Making it More Compelling to Sell Your Products
High Quality Support

Check Out Our Examples


How Does it Work?

It’s super easy to work with Warrior Outsourcing. Our professionals are the best in the business; the professionals who have worked for the most successful marketers in the industry today. You can get your high quality videos in 3 easy steps:

Step 1
Contact us for a quote. Don’t worry – you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for Warrior Outsourcing’s video services, and we’ll get back to you with a quote in 24 hours or less – guaranteed!
Step 2
We’ll put our professionals to work creating your top-notch corporate video. They’ll craft a video with the perfect combination of stunning graphics and a compelling script based on your existing sales letter, so that your video does it’s job, which is to get you more sales.
Step 3
You check the videos and approve them, and then they’re ready to go live on your site. Don’t worry – we offer UNLIMITED REVISIONS, so if there’s something you think isn’t quite right, we’ll fix it up with no problem. It’s YOUR vision, YOUR products, YOUR call.


If you’re still not sure, check out the results one of our clients got!



Chris Blair came to us with very low conversions; about 7%. He couldn’t understand what was happening because he was getting great traffic and he had a video up created by another marketing team. We took a look and identified the problem quickly. While his video’s graphics weren’t bad, it simply wasn’t formatted well.

The script created was obviously not created by a top-notch copywriter.

We made him a new video and he put it up on his website. Overnight, his conversions went from 7% to 13%, and within a few weeks, his conversions were up to nearly 20%. While we can’t promise that your conversions will shoot this high, we will guarantee that they will increase!”
customer commets
bob proctor

I Highly recommend venkata’s Video Services to anyone wanting high quality videos.

Bob Proctor,
from the Movie “The Secret”

ewen chia

Hi Venkata,

Thanks for the video you did for me, I love it! Appreciate your attention and support to the project and I highly recommend your services to anyone wanting a high quality video to sell their products and services.

Ewen Chia,

joe vitale

“I’m so impressed with these videos that I’m going to have them done on every website I have!”

Dr. Joe Vitale,
Internet marketing guru, author,
“Attract Money Now” and more


What are you waiting for? Don’t let another sale slip past your fingertips simply because you don’t have a high quality corporate video on your website.




You have a few different options for getting a quote. Don’t worry – you’ll get an answer within 24 hours guaranteed.

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Yes! I’ve heard enough! I’m ready to increase my conversions with
Warrior Outsourcing’s Top Notch Corporate Video!

Contact us right now and you’ll get our super low introductory price. As a first time customer, we’ll give you the highest quality videos at the most affordable prices! But hurry – this deal will end SOON…don’t let any more money slip past you!


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P.S. Don’t forget – there’s ZERO RISK to you – we guarantee that your conversions will increase or we’ll give your money back. It’s that simple. What are you waiting for?

Get a Quote NOW Before the Low, Introductory Price Gets Raised!

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