The Best Niche Market to Make $100,000 per Month with a Clickbank Ready Website and 3 Myths about Niche Selection

One of the major stumbling blocks you will come when starting a business online as an info marketer is the selection of the niche.

You may even get paralized because of fear of choosing the wrong niche. This has been the normal trend of people wanting to develop a business online. You will probably go in circles and try to find all sorts of justifications for why you should not tackle a popular niche. You may start asking yourself so many “what if” questions and as a result you may not make any progress.

I will discuss some of the beliefs and opinions when it comes to choosing a niche.

1) You need to be passionate about your niche. This is true, but it is not necessarily a must. If you are passionate about a niche, that is an advantage as your passion will come through your writing or videos.

If you are passionate there is less chances that you would get bored soon. But if you are lacking that passion there are certain things you could do to ensure a successful business:

  • You could always become passionate. Set yourself a goal and learn as much as possible about something. The more you learn the more passionate you will become.
  • You could always treat it as a job. You might get bored at work, but you need to continue doing your work because it pays the bills. You can then treat your business or niche the same way. You may get bored but you can choose to continue with it since you will get rewards.
  • You can choose to manage the project but outsource the nitty gritty details, like creating a product or writing to others that are passionate about the niche or that are passionate about creating products. This way, you do not have to deal with something that bores you, you are just managing it.

2) Stay away from popular niches. The myth or belief says that if you new to making money online you should stay away from popular niches.

The point here is that if the niche is popular there are hundreds or thousands of people trying to make money in that niche. That might be true, but you may have a different view point or input to give to that niche. If you consider that the more popular the niche the more in demand it is, therefore you will always be new potential customers trying to solve problems in that niche.

So contrary to the myth I believe that the bigger the niche the more chances you have of making a killing.

3) You need to be an expert in the niche. This is a misconception. Being an expert is the cherry on the cake. The thing is that you only need to know a bit more than the rest.

But if you are not an expert you have different options to consider. Let’s look at the popular internet marketing or making money niche. People say you cannot be in this niche if you are not an expert, meaning you have not made money yet.

But contrary to what people believe, this is a great niche to be in. Let’s assume you are not an expert, in fact you are a “newbie’ trying to make it. You could instead of doing all the work yourself hire someone else to do it for you. You could outsource it to an expert, and you just manage the project whilst you learn.

Another option in the internet marketing niche would be to focus your business on a by product of internet marketing, like graphic design, writing, creating covers, videos or developing software that would be useful for the internet marketers.

So what is the best niche for a successful Clickbank ready info product?

Well as you could have guessed the popular niches like money making niche and internet marketing are an excellent place where to start. These are excellent niches as success is literally guaranteed in these niches.

Our advice to new customers is to choose the work from home niche. In this way, we can help you to get traffic and also finding good affiliates to promote your offer.

If you are not confident enough to develop a complete info product from start to finish, then you can always outsource the entire process to us.

We work together with you to brainstorm a proper segment within the “work from home” niche. We then get started, and work on the design, the squeeze pages, the giveaway e-books, the main course, the videos, the affiliate tools and literally everything needed in order to help you establish a work from home business.

It is literally a business in a box that we hand over to you without you having to do anything.

Once we have finished developing the product we will also send traffic to your squeeze page, ensuring that you have at least a 30% conversion rate.

Our service is one of a kind, and we guarantee your success.

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