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Would you like to have a successful, profitable business within the next 30 days without ever lifting a finger? Then look no further. We have your solution!

“Start Earning Money in Just 27 DAYS With
Your Very Own Profitable Online Business Without Lifting a Finger!”

That’s right – we’ll take your idea (or suggest one, if you don’t have something in mind) and create a profitable, legitimate, MONEY-MAKING business that belongs 100% to you. You don’t have to do lift a single finger because the DREAM TEAM is on it!

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Who is the Dream Team?

Glad you asked. The Dream Team is your group of outsourcing professionals; the crème de la crème in each of their fields. They’ve come together to create the finest, highest-quality businesses especially for you. When you choose Warrior Outsourcing, the Dream Team is assigned to you, to cater to your needs and create the ultimate business.

They’ll stick with you from concept to completion, and when the Dream Team is finished, you’ll have a profitable, money-making business that’s 100% yours, and 100% ready to go!

If you wanted to WIN a court case, would you hire the cheapest attorney you could find, or would you bring in a team of proven, top-notch, expert attorneys?

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That’s right. You’d hire the expert attorneys. So if you want to MAKE MONEY, why would you hire the cheapest freelancers you can find on some despicable bidding site? Let’s get one thing clear: the administrators of those bidding sites don’t care about your business or your future. All they care about is pocketing their percentage of what you pay the freelancer.

Most of the freelancers you’re going to find on those bidding sites don’t care about your business or your future, either. They want to slap something together and make their few dollars before moving on to the next sucker trying to build a business.

The Dream Team is a team of individuals who not only WANT you to succeed, but who are devoted to making darn sure you DO succeed!

It’s very simple…

When your business is making tons of money and you’re happier than ever with it, you’ll probably want to invest in ANOTHER business. You’ll probably tell your entrepreneur buddies about it and they’ll want to invest in a business. The Dream Team is therefore successful!

Not only that, but they can continue to gather around the water cooler and intimidate the freelancers who pass off less-than-mediocre work…and the “business men and women” who fall for it.

So…now that you know about your champions, the Dream Team, just how does this whole thing work?

This is simple, too. Maybe you have an idea of a business you’d like to start. Maybe you want to sell a weight loss product or a product about a certain kind of craft or cooking or homeschooling or anything else under the sun…OR maybe you’re not quite sure what you want to sell but you know you want to make money.

Either way, we’ll find the best possible business idea for you, and then we’ll create ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED to run that business. We’ll even make sure you can take on affiliate marketers, to increase your visibility and your profits.

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You contact me via Skype and we’ll discuss your business idea. When you’ve decided what it is you want, the Dream Team will get started creating a top-notch, money-making business.


You are kept up to date on the progress of your business with reports as often as you want them. We’ll tell you exactly what the Dream Team is working on at any given time.


Your money-making business is delivered to you and you’re ready to start making profits instantly!

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If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to start making money ASAP, contact me now via Skype and we’ll get to work on your instant business.



What exactly can the Dream Team do?

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Ah…a wise one, you are! Great question. The dream team is comprised of highly sought-after professionals in every outsourcing category you can imagine. These are the folks that have worked with the most successful marketers in the world. They’re accustomed to working together, so each professional knows how to create their part of your business to fit perfectly with the other parts. To make a long story short, the Dream Team can create ANYTHING.

What’s included in this amazing money-making business?

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Product:


(With Examples)

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A PDF copy (ebook) of your informational product. This will include the highest quality researching and content writing. The Dream Team’s writers are ALL US-based and will never compromise on quality.


Upto 7 High-Quality Videos (as a follow-along to the PDF informational copy based on the requirement).


A Top-Notch Sales Letter written by the Dream Team’s best copywriter, well-versed in compelling, engaging copy that converts!


1 High-Quality Infomercial Video for your Sales Letter. You probably already know that video converts better than plain text on a sales page. We’ve got you covered.


Professional, Top-Notch Graphics (for eBooks, headers, footers, etc.) These are the best possible graphics, created just for your business, and for any aspect of your business that needs graphics!

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Marketing Tools:


(With Examples)

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8 Different Banner Sizes including banner text written by your Dream Team sales copywriter.


A Super-Converting Autoresponder Series including a set of 5 highly converting emails.


High Quality Squeeze Page Design that is professional and polished. Nothing but the best for the Dream Team’s clients.


1 Free eBook that you can GIVE AWAY as a promotional tool designed to help build your subscriber list and convert your visitors into customers.


1 Professional Thank-You Page


10 Top Quality PLR Articles designed to help market your product, provide backlinks, etc. Again, our writers are all US-based writers that will provide high quality articles for article directories, etc.


Twitter Posts that are high quality and designed to drive traffic to your website.


Facebook Images designed to go “viral” and help expose the waiting public to your amazing business.


Affiliate Tools which include upsells, downsells, one time offers, and the 2nd one time offer!

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As you can see, what we’re offering is amazing. It’s EVERYTHING you need to operate your own money-making business, from the actual product to the marketing tools. Just go ahead and try to find another team offering you ALL OF THIS. It simply won’t happen. Even if you manage to somehow find a team that comes close to offering you all of this…you’ll never find another team of professionals like the Dream Team! This is the team you want in your corner!

We work with 25+ multi-million dollar webmasters

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and 300

Contact me via Skype right now to get your special introductory offer!



There has never been a better time to take advantage of the BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR informational product industry. People don’t go to the book store to get information these days. They Google it. They use their credit cards to purchase a digital item that they can start benefiting from immediately.

This is your chance to capitalize on that and start making money without ever lifting a finger.

What are you waiting for? I’m waiting to hear from you. Contact me via Skype right now and I’ll immediately give you a very fair price on your brand new money-making business. My Dream Team is on standby, but you should know that this is a limited time offer. Why?

Because I would NEVER trust a bunch of cheap, second-rate freelancers to create your business for you!

I will ONLY use my team of professionals, which is why I call them the Dream Team. They’re the best at what they do, and because of that, the number of businesses we can create is limited. Get yours now before the Dream Team’s calendar is completely booked.

Get a Quote NOW Before the Low, Introductory Price Gets Raised!



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