About us

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Warrior Outsourcing started over 8 years ago, with just one man, and it has since grown to be the premier outsourcing source for internet marketers and business men and women. My name is Venkata Ramana, and I have single-handedly chosen each professional that represents Warrior Outsourcing from the crème de la crème of their industries.

In June of 2004, I began working on Adsense websites with 1 other employee. We created header designs and similar small projects. When I quickly realized the need for high-quality projects completed by affordable professionals, I found my calling! Throughout the years I have gathered the most competent, amazing individuals in each industry (graphic design, video design, copywriting, voice overs, etc.) and created the Warrior Outsourcing team.

Our Clients

We’ve served more than 3,000 clients in those 8 years, including some of the biggest names in internet marketing. Just a few of our clients include Anik Singal, Ewen Chia, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Mike Filsaime, Carlos and Lupez Garcia and thousands  of other small and mid-level companies. Many of those companies include Fortune 500 companies like Lurn, who’s CEO, Mr. Anik Signal has sung our praises loudly and proudly.

The Dream Team

The Warrior Outsourcing Dream Team includes the most talented professionals in the world. No matter what project you need completed, the Dream Team can handle it for you! Check out the departments our amazing Dream Team represents:

Graphics Designers: When you need graphics for your website, you need the highest quality graphics available. You need graphics that are professional quality, memorable, relevant to your business, and eye-catching. Our graphics designers are top-notch, and will ensure that your website is exactly what you want it to be.

Copywriters: Copywriting is such a huge fundamental when it comes to marketing and online business. Without the proper copywriter, you could be missing out on thousands, hundreds of thousands…millions of dollars. Our copywriting team is an award-winning team based in the US. They’ve written for the most successful marketers in the world, and they’re waiting right here to tackle your project next.

Website Design: Our website and theme designers are well versed in compelling website design tactics and strategies, and will create the best possible website for your business. Having worked with top marketers and studied in-depth marketing tactics and techniques, our website designers “get” what your business needs to be impressive and will create exactly that for you.

Link Building: Our link-building team is fast and efficient, and has studied link-building in-depth. This means they know exactly how to create high-quality links that will help your business grow. They’ll drive traffic and increase your traffic easily.


Our services are second to none. We provide everything you need to manage your marketing business, at a fraction of the cost of most “gurus” who want to sell you a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Check out what we can do for you:

Custom Videos: Our custom videos are the best; they include the highest quality graphics available as well as excellent voice over services. Videos simply convert more! Having our high quality videos on your website will help you convert more visitors into customers.

WordPress Services: Whether you need an entire WordPress set up or just a high quality theme, we have you covered. Our theme and website designers are the masters of their industry. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with their custom work, created just for you.

Converting Squeeze Pages: A squeeze page has one purpose: to convert. Unfortunately, although it’s a simple concept, many “professionals” just don’t get it. We’ll create the highest quality squeeze pages available, and make sure they do their job: build your subscriber list and sell your product.

Complete Product Creation Services: Maybe you’re an experienced marketer who wants to add a few more streams of income to your bank account, or maybe you’ve never sold a product online before. We’ll create the highest quality, sales boosting products available – entirely customized to your desires. Informational products are our specialty and we’ll help you build the kind of business you can be proud of.

Blog Setup and Maintenance: We’ll create the most professional blog available for you – completely customized to your needs. We’ll also maintain it if you don’t have the time or simply want to rely on dependable, talented professionals. It doesn’t matter what subject matter your blog is; our professional copywriters will create compelling, engaging copy that suits your audience and brands you as an authority in your niche.

Custom Review/Affiliate Websites: Whether you want to make money selling affiliate products or want to create a review website for your passion, we’ll make it happen.

Technical Team: Our technical team knows marketing in and out; we can handle virtually anything you need – from (INSERT) to (INSERT). ?

Customer Support Services: Our customer support service is the best. When you order from Warrior Outsourcing, we welcome you into the Warrior family, and that’s exactly the way we treat you. Plain and simple – no matter what you need, we’re here to serve you.

Our Commitment to You

There’s a simple little fact that we understand that has helped form the foundation of Warrior Outsourcing. In order for us to be successful, YOU have to be successful. What does that mean? If we create high-quality, top-notch products for you, you’re going to talk about those products to your marketing and business friends. You’re going to make recommendations based on the quality of the work we’ve done. You’re going to come back to us when you need new products.

If we don’t do everything within our power to ensure that you’re successful, then we stand the risk of being unsuccessful ourselves. We’re partners in this business and the end result is the same for us all: to create high quality products, to earn profits, and to maintain the kinds of lifestyles we are accustomed to or achieve the lifestyles we want.

We will never turn in a product that we feel is less than perfect; that’s our commitment to you!